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Oliver Bieh-ZimmertGermany, Individual applicants

Oliver Bieh-Zimmert

Oliver Bieh-ZimmertOliver Bieh-Zimmert works as data scientist at the T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH and consults private and public enterprises in Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence. He is publishing articles and talks about the latest discoveries in Visual Analytics as doctoral student at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.
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Matti NelimarkkaFinland, Team applicants, Team Water

Matti Nelimarkka

Matti Johannes NelimarkkaMatti is a social scientists interested in new media; but also does software development and interface design. He is currently focused on backchannel systems and online participation, but focuses on politics of and in the Internet era. He’s currently at Helsinki Institute of Information Technology HIIT, Aalto University and a visiting researcher at I School, UC Berkeley.

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Emeric FlorenceBelgium, Team applicants, Team DWM

Emeric Florence

Emeric FlorenceFront-end, web and mobile freelance developer.
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Alexandre PlennevauxBelgium, Team applicants, Team DWM

Alexandre Plennevaux

Alexandre PlennevauxWeb designer / developer
Teacher at @dwmheaj

Favorite saying of the moment: ‘F*** the system, build your own’.

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Luca ChiarandiniItaly, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Luca Chiarandini

Luca ChiarandiniLuca Chiarandini is a PhD Student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Research Intern at Yahoo! Research Barcelona. His main research interests are in the field of social media, data mining, machine learning and human-computer interaction. He is carrying out research on Human-centered Exploration and Discovery of Content in Large Information Spaces.

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Georgi KhomerikiIndividual applicants, Netherlands

Georgi Khomeriki

Georgi KhomerikiBorn in Tbilisi (Georgia), raised in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and currently living in Belgium. Recently received B.S. degree in computer science at the TU Delft. Working as a software developer since 2006. My passion in life is software development. My first program was written long before I started at the university. Looking forward to the competition.

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Andrei VerehaRomania, Team applicants, Team Trilobyte

Andrei Vereha

Andrei VerehaI work as a Software Developer at Bitdefender and I have a Master’s degree in computer science obtained at West University of Timisoara.

Cristina PalaminiItaly, Team applicants, Team Tuple Trouble

Cristina Palamini

Cristina PalaminiCristina is a headstrong and redheaded communication designer.
Like many of her species, she works in teams, she is detail-obsessed and, mostly, a nocturnal creature. After graduating in Art & Design from Birmingham City University, she concluded her BA in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2011, earning an award as best graduate of the year. The collaboration with Density Design and the internship experience as interaction designer at IDEO left her with a thirst for more design-thinking, problem-solving and complexity that can hardly be quenched. She makes up for it by multitasking between freelancing, physical computing and sketching (obsessively). She is currently concluding her MA in Communication Design and her double degree with Alta Scuola Politecnica, where she is working on a project in partnership with ESA.
Cristina asks a lot of questions. Her favourite one is: “Why?”.
She is a nerd, tea and book lover, with a passion for human behaviour, riddles and dogs.

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Edoardo ColomboItaly, Team applicants, Team Tuple Trouble

Edoardo Colombo

Edoardo Giovanni ColomboStudent at Politecnico di Milano, engineering of computing systems. I love to play music, watching movies and riding my vespa.

Bogdana-Elena PopaRomania, Team applicants, Team Trilobyte

Bogdana-Elena Popa

Bogdana-Elena PopaI’m Bogdana and I want to save the world. That’s the ultimate, long term plan at least.
In the meantime, I’m a Software Engineer for a clinical research organization called Cmed, a fresh graduate and a robot enthusiast. I like to travel, spend way too much time on the internet and can easily obsess over dinosaurs, screwdrivers and surrealism.
My skills include Python, Java, Groovy, C and JavaScript, but I’m always looking for new and interesting things to learn.

Noora VainioFinland, Team applicants, Team Water

Noora Vainio

Noora VainioNoora Vainio is a student of science at the Tampere University of Technology, majoring in software engineering. Noora is a participant of Millenium Youth Camp 2012, 8th place in Finnish programming competitions and 17th place in mathematics competitions. Noora participated in EUhackathon also last year and Water Team won the creativity track.

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Eduardo GraellsChile, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Eduardo Graells

Eduardo Nicolas Graells GarridoPhD student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Yahoo! Research Barcelona. My research topic is Information Visualization. In particular I’m researching how we can use visualization with social purposes such as making people interact and raise awareness of social problems.

Richard JongNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Richard Jong

richard_visiteKaartje2As a partner at Frontwise, Richard creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Werner HelmichNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Werner Helmich

Werner HelmichAs a partner at Frontwise, Werner creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Dennis de BeursNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Dennis de Beurs

Dennis de BeursAs a partner at Frontwise, Dennis creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Matti SchneiderFrance, Individual applicants

Matti Schneider

Matti SchneiderKeeping out of the little boxes all the same. Software engineer, agile manager, anthropology student, wannabe designer, concerned citizen.

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Simon EpskampNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Simon Epskamp

Simon EpskampAs a partner at Frontwise Simon creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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François BourgauxBelgium, Team applicants, Team DWM

François Bourgaux

Francois BourgauxTeacher.

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Sini Ida Elina PietiläFinland, Team applicants, Team Water

Sini Ida Elina Pietilä

Sini Ida Elina PietiläI’m nineteen years old and from Tampere Finland. I graduated from upper secondary school from the Päivölä mathematic high school. Besides the normal study routines, I worked as a trainee for Nokia Ltd two days every week. While working there I specialized in the design of graphics and user interfaces.

I partook the “Tutki, kokeile, kehitä” contest for young scientists while in Päivölä with a work partner. Our study was called ”Mathematicians in a boarding school – the comparison of self-image. Our work got an honourable mention.

Since autumn 2012 I have designed graphics for Magnificent Eight team which develops applications for Windows 8. In the autumn of 2012, I also took part to “Wowzapp hackathon 2012 24h code-night” as part of a team. Our team, where I worked as a graphics and UI designer, won the Finnish competition.


Marco Valerio BarberaItaly, Team applicants, Team TEAM42

Marco Valerio Barbera

Marco Valerio BarberaMarco Valerio Barbera is a postdoc in Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome, where he also got his PhD. His research interests include mobile ad-hoc networks, anonymity networks, mobile cloud computing and network neutrality.

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Vasile Claudiu PertaRomania, Team applicants, Team TEAM42

Vasile Claudiu Perta

VASILE CLAUDIU PERTAI’m a second year PhD student in CS at Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), where I also got a M.Sc. in CS (summa cum laude). My main research topics are cloud computing, network neutrality and broadband measurement. You can find list of my publications at
In 2012 I worked at ARM (Cambridge, UK) as a software engineer and I participated to Google Summer of Code, when I developed a server selection mechanism for M-Lab using Google AppEngine ( During my M.Sc. and my B.Sc., I worked on various development projects, whose code and documentation can be found at
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Anselm BradfordGermany, Individual applicants, USA

Anselm Bradford

Anselm BradfordAnselm “Ans” Bradford is a 2013 fellow at Code for America, a San Francisco non-profit working to improve citizen engagement in government. Ans is leading front-end development of SMC-Connect, a search interface for community social services built on the Ohana API ( Ans has particular expertise in JavaScript (using AMD practices), CSS and HTML5, as well as much of the Adobe Creative Suite. Ans is the lead author on the book HTML5 Mastery and a contributing author to the book CSS3 Solutions (both from Apress/Friends of ED). He’s also been a technical editor on titles from O’Reilly Media, Peachpit Press, and Apress/Friends of ED covering PHP/MySQL, iOS/Objective-C, and AS3/Flash. Additionally, he’s had infographics published through Lonely Planet publishing.

Prior to joining Code for America, Ans worked for several years in New Zealand as faculty in the Digital Media department at the Auckland University of Technology, where he developed and taught courses in Visual Communication, Web and Interactive Media. Ans has a MA in Photography with a specialization in Visual Communication from Ohio University.

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Olivia Solis ViljaverdeCuba, Individual applicants, Serbia

Olivia Solis Viljaverde

Olivia Solis ViljaverdeBorn in Havana Cuba.
At the moment defending internet freedom at Share Defense and having fun with Share Conference, sometimes in Serbia, or somewhere else. I believe in decentralization, free knowledge, and <3 .

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Mark HorganIndividual applicants, Ireland

Mark Horgan

Mark John HorganI initially studied architecture in Dublin but caught the web bug in the late nineties. I moved to London and worked as a Java and Flash developer for a number of years. Currently I’m working as a mobile developer in Cork.

While in the UK I did an MA in Creative Technology where I got to create interactive installations that involved computer vision and real-time 3D graphics. Later, as part of a graphic design course I did a number of print-based visualisation projects using Processing.

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Massimo CandelaItaly, Team applicants, Team TEAM42

Massimo Candela

Massimo CandelaMassimo Candela is a software engineer mainly focused on development of web applications, in particular for a graphical and intuitive representation of large amounts of data.
He was a research collaborator at Roma Tre University (Italy), where he had received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Main themes of his work are Graph Drawing and Networking. He recently became a software engineer at RIPE NCC.

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Massimo Candela, Marco Di Bartolomeo, Giuseppe Di Battista, Claudio Squarcella. Dynamic Traceroute Visualization at Multiple Abstraction Levels. In Proc. 21st International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD ’13), Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2013. To appear.

Nyyti KinnunenFinland, Team applicants, Team Water

Nyyti Kinnunen

Nyyti KinnunenNyyti Kinnunen is a student of science at the Tampere University of Technology, majoring in science and engineering. Nyyti is a participant of Millenium Youth Camp 2011, 4th place in the annual Smarty science competition by Academy of Finland and 4th place in the annual Finnish programming competitions.

Diego SaezChile, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Diego Saez

Diego Saez TrumperDiego Sáez-Trumper is a last year Phd Student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates . During his PhD he interned at Univeristy of Cambridge (2012) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2011). His main research interests are in the field of Online Social Networks, focusing in the processs difussion of information considering the importance of socio-economic and cultural factors.
Last year, he was part of team Bodoques, winning the EUhackaton 2012.

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Marios IsaakidisGreece, Individual applicants

Marios Isaakidis

Isaakidis MariosMarios Isaakidis is a catalyst, Internet hacktivist and science communicator. He is involved in various Open Source communities, including Mozilla and Fedora. He is a reviewer of the “Cyprus Access to Information Law” draft. Also Isaakidis is member of Digital Liberation Network in Greece and founding member of the Cyprus Pirate Party and #hack66 hackerspace. He is running a collaborative radio show at cut-radio and MYCyRadio on topics around the Open Culture. Currently, Isaakidis is working on ServalDHT, a service resolution service for the Serval network architecture based on secure DHTs.

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